Gearing up the Office


In just a few months I’ll be graduating from San Beda College then try to find my self a career. Of course If I would be hired and be placed inside an office, I would definitely love it if that office have complete set of office furniture.  Now that Ive thought of it, working can really be a new experience for me aside from my practicum days, I mean I’ll have my own fixed income sooner or later. I just hope that I’ll graduate this coming March of 2010.

Office Add-On


During my stay in MindShare, I’ve seen lot of things. Like for example, the day that we were hired for training, the office was undergoing renovation. There were boxes everywhere and lots of stuffs that seem to have no place inside the office. After some time when the renovation was about to finish, office furnitures by office furnitures arrived. One by one they were moved inside our trainee’s room and that was where the transformation begun. After the renovation was completed, the office became lively and of course organized. That point, I appreciated what an office furniture can do, as long as its proper, it will always look good.

Outdoor Arrangements


Summer season is supposed to be my season to put everything to play. This includes arrangements inside and outside our house, like outdoor furniture and gardening, painting and some heavy housework. Not to mention registration of our properties. Why am I doing this? Its because Im trying to act responsible, its my way to test my discipline and of course discipline, how long can I endure everything? I will endure it as far as time permits my body to work. Its fun actually, I love moving but then I love sleeping. Anyway since I am a very busy person with so little time, wish me luck to cope up with everything. Ciao!

Interior Matters


When we talk about people, we always tend to say that what is important is what is in the inside. When it comes to our homes, it is important that the inside should be equipped with a good touch of interior design. Just like in the case where we always hang out inside our own home. The place where the entertainment comes to life and everyone, like your friends and colleagues enjoy hanging out, our entertainment room.

However, there is more to it than making it function, everything should be well furnished and with the help of a home theater furniture, you can have the touch of any theme you like for the sake of making the lively even livelier. Remember, this is where the fun is mostly done so better make it worth going to.

The Empire

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