Spending time on my Porch Glider Chair


I have a lots of friends and quite a number of colleagues. Yes I enjoy their company and a night out with some of them is extremely fun however, tiring. Chatting with colleagues is enlightening as well as information just kept on coming in – false or not the feeling of having so many to talk to is inspiring. But what really strikes me the most is the need for some time alone. Being in a crowded environment is very exhausting, blending in speaking myself out and so on. The excitement to be alone for a little time is really the real deal whether I spend it out of town or just inside my room and staring at the ceiling or its four corners, a silent treatment is I think, the word for this. Well, I have my own way of being alone – or maybe just like everyone, but I do it as well on our home porch glider chair or to make it sound classy, a patio glider bench.

Being outside is different when you are enclosed inside the safe confinements of your home or office or maybe a spa to name a few. But sitting on the porch beside our closed doors brings a relaxing feeling couple it up with a coffee or reading a book just to kill some time. Being alone helps me think on some thoughts that is reserved, unlike with people around the pressure sometimes control how and what to I think. How not to be like this or that, not to act like them or by any circumstances, staying out of it is fulfilling. To cut the story short, I consider sitting on our porch as one of the best ways to unwind from a busy lifestyle. Having lots of people around us is not that bad but spending time alone is just as good as having all of them.

Marijuana Plants, Destroyed


July 6 2008, in Camp Diego Silang Launion, police reported that they have destroyed a P30 million worth of Marijuana plants along La Union, Ilocos Sur and Benguet’s boundary. They claimed that their marijuana eradication campaign is successful covering up to 150,000 marijuana plants. The plantation site was estimated to cover up atleast a hectre of land along those boundaries.

“Oplan Harvester”, as they call their operation. An operation which seeks to destroy illegal drugs in urban and rural areas in the country. Well, goodluck to thos police authorities to wipe it all away, but there are still many persistent people around the country who are going to plant and plant marijuana for profit. I suggest that they go right into the root of all this. The master mind and the people behind these plants. It was a greta news though. go! (hey don’t hate me)

The Empire

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