Magic of Science


Its amazing how science made the world a better place to live in. As for the people who live inside the world of science, there are countless aspects of their life was changed by science. In medicine itself was a major breakthrough, Especially in making oneself look good. Just like what Apidexin does, It made the people who took it look good by eliminating excess fats from their bodies therefore making them look good in slimming down. I like the thing about science, everyt single aspect of it.

Gluttony Week


Well, where should I start.. I think it would be nice if I mention some of the things that happened to me this last two weeks. First, instead of playing online casino on Saturday I’ve decided to go to my friend’s birthday party in San Juan. The next day, Sunday, was another reception from my Inaanak. I was thinking of online casinos then but the guilt of not making it to Gelo’s Christening made me think twice.

Last Monday became my rest day, to be ready for another eating spree for Rocky and Mean’s 5th year anniversary, of course the food was all great. I fell in love with all the food Ive eaten lately and it boosted my appetite for quite a while making me forget about casinos. This is just a summary of what Ive done from the last two weeks. Photos and more info on events that made my week will be posted here in details.

The Empire

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