Tons of Guitars


Been dealing lots of guitar inquiry ever since i posted my guitar for sale. Just like a Guitar-A-Thon, too many offers are being thrown to my artcore series guitar. There are trade offers and price off offer but I cannot let it go to such. The reason? because for me guitars that I kept for a long time have such values to me but of course, these values cannot be passed on to the next owner. Whichever the case, I’m keeping my guitar even though tons of offers are being put to the table for trade yet I need cash more than anything right now.

Tune Up Drive


I cleared my room the other day and found some forgotten stuffs. Just like my Ibanez art-core guitar on a hard case. It has been nearly six years since It was last brought out to light but the good thing is I loosen the strings before I put it away. That way, the body of the guitar has not been overly stressed as time gone by. That made me thought about the better days, the nights my band played our music in front of crowds of different kinds and places. I missed it and yes It made me buy a new set of strings and install it on my guitar. Well even though it has been six long years, guitar tuning for me is still a breeze, now that is something I won’t forget. I already fined tuned my two guitars and now they are sitting right above my headboard.

Past Time, Fast Times.


My friend tagged a photo of our band on Facebook, it was 5 years ago and we looked like a bunch of skinny high school teens. However, what turned us into writing series of comments on that photo is how people say about our music during our “musician” days. People like our music, although not everyone because we have a genre that does not fit to everyone’s preferences. Anyway, during those years as aspiring musicians, we managed to invest on some equipment both instruments and amplifiers for our mini home studio so we can play anytime without paying for studio rentals. We bought ebs amplifiers at guitar center, Ibanez and Yamaha guitars and other amplifiers for the instruments and making music is all we cared for back then until one by one, we have to face reality that we are having a big responsibility to our own families and having this kind of activity can be a very time consuming and not on the most rewarding side. Our past time changed into zero music and time flies so fast that we can only look back on some photos we had while playing good music. We still have those instruments and equipment at my place and maybe in the near future we can gather up and do some jamming.

Raw Music for Guitar – Ambience and Preamps


I’ve been playing guitar since twelve years old and that being mentioned, I used lots of pedal and simulators to satisfy my ear to create good sounding music. Not to be sounding proud or anything, I just can’t find the right effects for me. Although I tried a lot, the taste and feel just kept on changing from time to time. All pedals are great but somehow, one should stand out from the rest. I mean, just like fishman effects pedals Musicians friend has one of the raw sounding out there to date. The line up is a new breed and not only that, it comes cheap for its class but really packs a punch. It can be your best mate in playing live or just home recording.

One thing I like about these pedals is its simple, sturdy looking exterior. Nobody wants to peek on any pedals circuitry anyway because that is just not right, I mean, rendering the warranty void is not bright. Well, packaging is great as well and wait until you try plugging this in on your existing setup or just a stand alone setup. This can greatly help with your playing style. It has preamp, reverb, delays, imaging guitar effects and bass octaves. The ambience these pedals create is simply awesome. Other than distortion pedals and ear bending riffs, one should not take the aura and ambience of music for granted.

Counting Days


Graduation day is coming! and I am counting my days left in college (though I really wish that I would be able to see my grades sooner). What else should I do during this time of my life instead of waiting for graduation? Okay, first I need to complete all the requirements needed. Second is to take the time off and do whatever I want and that includes eating, drinking and as a precaution, engage on diets that work. I can’t think of anything to do right now, I just want to sleep maybe, or play my guitar and do some shredding or whatsoever with it. Better start planning now right?

The Empire

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