Harley-tized accessory


I’m planning on having my new outfit or rather; looking for something creative suits my personality today. I am thinking of some casual wear, t-shirt or polo shirt and jeans that contrast on my complexion and then accessorizing it with Harley accessories in which I think would be nice and will be acceptable to the eyes of the people around me. I always wear clothes that are comfortable for me, I don’t care if it does not look good, but as long as I feel good about it, I can manage to carry it with ease. Well for most cases, I enjoy seeing myself wearing semi fitted t shirts that obviously highlight my body for masculinity. I don’t like to wear loose t-shirts as much as possible when I go out; at home it may be ok most of the time. So that’s about it I guess, just another short description on how I prefer to dress to kill.

The Empire

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