Pre-Christmas Grocery Shopping


It has been a very tiring day for me and my mom because we went shopping for groceries days before Christmas. The Grocery store was packed with shoppers and the lines are excruciatingly long, its was hard to move around but the good part is we found everything we need on a one-stop shopping basis that means less hassle for us. Another thing that I admire is that the development of POS systems years and years ago, what if it was not invented? What if those barcode scanners are not used? How long would it take to cash out of the grocery and how long would it take for a transaction to be managed? Calculator, pen and paper would do just fine but it is not enough to efficiently be used for a transaction especially in a busy crowd where everyone is waiting to cash out.

Anyway, we had fun shopping for groceries because everything went out smoothly as planned and budgeted. The prices? good. there are little changes to prices of groceries and it can not be felt in an instant. Now that we are happy for what we have stocked for Christmas, the next thing we will do is to celebrate with my family and make it even more fun for all. Have a Happy Holidays!!

Season’s Greetings!



Hope Christmas time puts a song in your heart and happiness in your holidays!

Merry Christmas! and Happy holidays!



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8th of December


December 8 2008, our monthsary and holiday for most educational institution here in the our country. Most of everyone I know does not have a class and almost everyone stayed at home to secure a rest for themselves. I can’t blame them because I did those also. I felt like I need to catch a long rest ad that Monday is the best day to do it. Anyway, It really feels good to comfort yourself with sleep but for me I also felt sad because  8th of December was supposed to be Me and Jha’s celebration but we’ve decided to postpone it until Wednesday. Whew! I need to sleep and I need 24 hours to sleep just for a change I better look at Audemars Piguet! Ha-ha!

Bum Days should start Now!


Hey everyone! I noticed that my days are becoming dull little my little. Maybe because the holidays are coming and everyone feels like acting a little bit off. Last week we had 3 classes postponed because of some holiday thing. This week we had one and it is today. See, the Christmas break is coming and everyone is feeling a little bit lazy. Nobody want to excel, everybody is lacking self motivation which is good because I can see that I am not alone. Ha-ha! Anyway, there are things that should be done and those things are still undone! Like our Christmas tree, I was appointed by my mother to assemble the tree inside our house and because of my unfortunate laziness, days past and still no tree is erected!
Cheers for us guys! I wish this post of mine motivated everyone to stay lazy until Christmas so everyone will be happy! Ha-ha! Just kidding alright? I say that everyone should be happy and still be productive. Make yourself happy first then comes next is everyone else. I wish you guys a good and a smooth travel towards the holidays. May all your wishes come true this coming Christmas and before the New Year! Hey, where is my gift?

Ready for the Dream Match? The Pacquiao & De la Hoya Fight on Dec. 7 is just hours to go!

Frames for Holidays


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