Plans, revisited


I left my last job believing i have a plan. But then i guess i don’t have one until last week. After a month of being at home just savoring the easy life, I then realized that i need to start molding a concrete plan as what i had before was purely frustration and that doesn’t seem to add up on being called a plan.

Back to scratch – in a literal sense.

Others say that our life started on a blank sheet of paper and we were given a pencil to write a path and an eraser to re-order things. I would prefer an ink though as I intend to write my own path now permanently on a sheet of paper and if ever i come across a page where i need to make some revisions, I’ll just start on a new sheet without erasing the errors but instead will live with it. I just need to make sure that i don’t forget the things i do or did before as i understand that it will contribute to making a concrete plan for my future.

Hah, i just wish that my next page will be a success and hoping that it will also have a greater effect on the people around me.

Spine-tingling excitement is what i feel right now. Yeah! 😉


but then again.. I just hope so. lol :)

The Way


There are a lot of needs when it comes to present times. There will also be a lot of needs in the future. Be prepared and never lose sight of what’s ahead. Maybe reading insurance quote might help you. But be sure to plan ahead so you could see what went wrong when you fail. You should start by making yourself ready for the coming future. There will be a a lot of transformation in life.

Herbs for Life


For centuries, herbs became popular as a medicine, spices, pain relievers, food and so on. In fact they are widely used by different people around the world because of its unique way in helping our bodies regenerate and making it healthy and because of its distinct qualities. Being valued for its scent, flavor and some other qualities, many found its role to our society and took the opportunity to enhance these distinctive qualities to a whole new different level. Like Herbalife, a company whose primary goal is to sell not just products but  to sell satisfaction and delight to consumers worldwide. They have innovated herbs and combined it with science to provide a better health for everyone around the globe. Not only that, for those who are using their products in their daily endeavors have the chance to share it to the world and make a profit for it, now that is some amusing business opportunity.

There is another thing that amuses most, its about their CSR or what we call corporate social responsibility. They travel the high road, yet they do it right, honestly and guided by their ethical practices, that’s great isn’t it? If they can do it, we too can contribute in helping the world and everyone who lives in it by making the world a better place to live in – and of course with herbs that is.

Your Health is your Wealth


Trying to find your lead in life? Why not start in your own health insurance lead before continuing with what you are engaged in. Because life is much safer with your health insured and because your health is your wealth, this will come useful in your everyday activities. Being healthy is not always cheap, it can cost you much money than you think but with your health insured money will become your friend and you can be free from worrying too much. Life is uncertain, but it will only be that way if you will not prepare for the worst so take action and start with your health insurance leads.

Eating Too Much Lately?


If you happen to be that somebody that has been eating to much lately, don’t you think that you are being to careless? Don’t let it come to a time that you will regret eating to much and now suffering from excess weight. Anyway, I am not exempted with this one, I too have a share of problems when it comes to eating good thing my friend spoke of an appetite suppressant helped him maintain her figures, and trust me, she’s so damn hot without even trying so hard. Do you think that eating can make you fueled all day? Its true but always have it in mind that anything in excess is not god for us. Its true.

The Empire

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