Prelude to Dismissal


Yesterday was my finals examinations on World Lit, Quanti and the posponed Political Science exam. Yesterday was just another bum day after the first two exams and during the long break, abpout 5 hours or more, we just ate and sleep at the library then waited for the professor on Pilitical Science. Minutes passed and we recieved a message from the professor through our block president that she will not be able to attend the class because of a reason that I forgot to remember. We just wished that she told us way earlier that she will not be coming for the exam so we can be home earlier. Though we waited during pur long break, we managed to log in from a nearby computer cafe and played casino online, it’s fun really.

So back to the long break period, we went to a computer shop and did a little browsing on some things that might be fun, they played Left 4 Dead, yeah my blockmates. While me in the other hand browsed the net some more and ended up scanning from a list of best online casinos. Though I did not have enough time to play, I managed to visit casinos online from an internet cafe near Mendiola.

SBC CAS Intramurals 2008 Table Tennis Singles & Doubles Champion


Yeah!! I won and after a long, long time, maybe four long years of not playing this sport, I was able to play and go home a champion. Ha-ha! It was December 17 2008, the third day of our intramural and my first day to show my presence again after five days and I was already scheduled to play table tennis supposedly when the clock goes 9:00 am. the scheduled time was not official and it is prior to changes so the committee waited for the first batch of players to finish the second year’s championship then resume the third year’s game on 2:30 PM. I had the first game and won it easily then onto the next game, and the next, and the finals in which I battled “the” what we know as the two-time champion of this game for the last two years. He was lucky though, this is the only time I played after I transferred college from Mapua.

Obviously, as the title of this post says, I won and managed to snatch the gold from the defending champion of the table tennis intramural event. Anyway, the downside of this success was my body got really soar the next day, I had a hard time moving and all my muscles which are involved in twisting and turning turned against me and punished me for being lazy for the past few years, Maybe because I forgot to stretch? That was what Jha said to me after I told her my story. Ha-ha

Here is the catch, the night before my game, I was really excited to play and the morning of my game my stomach almost turned green with excitement but after a little warming up, I am back to my real self, I’m back with my reflexes and then on to a great physical and mental condition! I thought my stomach won’t stop hurting, a sign of nervousness or a sign of excitement perhaps? Well anyway, the most important thing is I won and I was happy about that, imagine the long years of my absence on this sport and still played like a real champ from the past. I must be really, really thankful that I still have it in my system.  So there, I hope that this news brighten up your day as it does to mine.

Trivia: Sam Ekwe played table tennis against me, just a game though and he was not in the official list. I never thought that he knows how to play this one. As a result, I won two games and as for him, none. It was a good game and we enjoyed it.

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