Warm afternoon


I think this is the first time I were able to rest quite a bit on a weekend. Maybe its just because i took a very serious decision last friday and happily acted on it or maybe its just a sign of relief. On the contrary, i want to do lots of stuffs moving forward and now that i’ve thought about it, maybe i’ll visit the mall and watch a movie.

Amazing Spiderman would do. People around me are screaming how good the movie is but i just can’t agree without personally seeing it. Trailers are at its best though, made me thinking that it can be worth a peso.

I don’t want LCD TV, I need it!


Few years back, any CRT or tube television is fine as long as it is as big as your sofa then it will be considered high end. Today, space management was used to create something more powerful without sacrificing your space at home. Before i just feel that I don’t need LCD TV but now that almost everyone is buying it then my mind made a decision that it should buy one, honestly I just can’t afford it. Thanks some sources I was able to take a glimpse of these valuables and one thing I notice about that shop’s LCD tvs prices are not that bad. Anyway, good thing I have one right now but it’s just a monitor for my desktop pc, I hope in the near future I will be able to buy one and put it on my wall.

The Empire

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