Past Time, Fast Times.


My friend tagged a photo of our band on Facebook, it was 5 years ago and we looked like a bunch of skinny high school teens. However, what turned us into writing series of comments on that photo is how people say about our music during our “musician” days. People like our music, although not everyone because we have a genre that does not fit to everyone’s preferences. Anyway, during those years as aspiring musicians, we managed to invest on some equipment both instruments and amplifiers for our mini home studio so we can play anytime without paying for studio rentals. We bought ebs amplifiers at guitar center, Ibanez and Yamaha guitars and other amplifiers for the instruments and making music is all we cared for back then until one by one, we have to face reality that we are having a big responsibility to our own families and having this kind of activity can be a very time consuming and not on the most rewarding side. Our past time changed into zero music and time flies so fast that we can only look back on some photos we had while playing good music. We still have those instruments and equipment at my place and maybe in the near future we can gather up and do some jamming.

Music Finds


I constantly browse the world of internet looking for something interesting to find. Of course, from time to time I look for something useful, something that can be a great addition to my home, or something I or someone from my home use. My sister, on the other hand asked me to look for a great keyboard at guitar center, although she does not have a budget for that yet, all she need to know is the price and how it can be bought. As a brother, I helped her looked for one although reminded her that she still has to save up for her laptop to be used in college and her passion in music can be set aside for the mean time. In my opinion, being exposed daily on browsing the internet can change a person’s timely needs and because of great offers from online stores, many are in favor of changing their plans into buying something seen online because it’s much cheaper and easier to find rather than visiting local stores. But for good thing’s sake, we bookmarked the keyboard found online and maybe in a few months time she will have her laptop and keyboard. A musically inclined architecture student she is.

Let’s Jam!


I’ve been recording homegrown tracks from my desktop for about a year now and I made some few tracks but still not satisfied with the output. I guess my old recording module is not quite the best purchase I made but it did some fine tracks in my opinion. This time, I’m searching online for a good recording device and one of the best place to look for one is through musician’s friend and browse through their wide list of brands and products. From there, I found JamHub which is new to my eyes but certainly not an introductory product line. It is amazing that they sell their products on a good price while offering more than what other brands can compete with. Something like Jamhub Bedroom 5-section system, Tourbus 7-section, headphone extension packs and more. If I am on a mobile sound rental business, I’ll definitely but all of them but for now I’ll be looking for something best fitted for my room.

Productivity Booster Through Good Music


I’ve been working for almost a year now in my home, Looking for clients online and the likes but what makes it fun is that I am holding my own time right on my hands. Although convenient, the downside is I tend to gain some weight due to lack of exercise but that can be easily changed. In the morning, I log in to my computer and check on incoming email inquiries and while doing so, I turn on my audio playlist and listen to my music collection. Simultaneously, drink coffee and vape up, however,  feel the need to buy ath-m50 so while i’m doing all that, the music will just beat on my head continuously. Music kills boredom and makes me productive so buying a good headphone is not bad. During afternoons, I get to nap and do some chores and improvements inside my place, grab a bite with some buddies and groom my dog. In the evening, evaluate my work done and make some improvements to drive more client the next day. So basically, Music became my companion and helped me boost my productivity in a day’s worth.

Music Production Kit


I’ve been learning making tracks from my computer using only my recording module and a guitar, and I can say that it is quite challenging but fun at the same time. In the past, I needed my band just to practice what I have written but since I was able to acquire recording software, things got easier. However, I am now feeling the need to upgrade from this stuff to that. While I was searching the net, I saw a good music production software at music123 and not only that, they have tons of affordable stuffs that might come in handy for me. I’m also thinking of sharing that info to my DJ friend as they also have good DJ stuffs and enhancements that can be of interest. I guess I’ll be reading reviews for now to see what is the best one for my limited budget.

The Empire

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