Herbs for Life


For centuries, herbs became popular as a medicine, spices, pain relievers, food and so on. In fact they are widely used by different people around the world because of its unique way in helping our bodies regenerate and making it healthy and because of its distinct qualities. Being valued for its scent, flavor and some other qualities, many found its role to our society and took the opportunity to enhance these distinctive qualities to a whole new different level. Like Herbalife, a company whose primary goal is to sell not just products but  to sell satisfaction and delight to consumers worldwide. They have innovated herbs and combined it with science to provide a better health for everyone around the globe. Not only that, for those who are using their products in their daily endeavors have the chance to share it to the world and make a profit for it, now that is some amusing business opportunity.

There is another thing that amuses most, its about their CSR or what we call corporate social responsibility. They travel the high road, yet they do it right, honestly and guided by their ethical practices, that’s great isn’t it? If they can do it, we too can contribute in helping the world and everyone who lives in it by making the world a better place to live in – and of course with herbs that is.

The Vegan Fly


By brother bought a new cam, a simple Canon Cybershot cam for personal use. While we were on vacation on Tagaytay 2 weeks ago, he shoot so many things around him just to experience taking pictures for himself and as a collection. Then one morning, he went into the garden near our place and he took some photos of plants and insects. He saw a fly I don’t know whether it was sucking nectar which is intriguing or maybe the fly was bored to death that he hung out on a leaf just for fun. Anyway, We had fun with this photo. Look..


who said flies can’t be beautiful? its a vegan!

So there, I just thought that only butterflies and other beautiful insects deserve this shoot. To think that this fly only feeds on dirty stuffs including “you know what” on the streets and the place that you would not want to be. I wonder what this fly is thinking? Is it going on a VEGAN DIET? oh well, it sucks that we humans do not have the ability to know what they are thinking, I think it would be funny somehow. Hehe!

ciao! I hope my readers would enjoy this post!

Summer is Coming again!


Summer is coming again, but unfortunately I’ll be spending my summer as an intern student.  I wish that I could spend it like the old days but this only means that I am on my way to graduation at last! Just one year to go, but first I have to finish my internship before I can really celebrate it. I have another thing I like to do, I like to see a crape myrtle and maybe I can get one ofr my home. It must really be a great achievement for me to have some sort of flowers at my home and by then I can proudly shout that I love the environment!

The Empire

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