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Traveling on Wheels


Last Christmas and during the Holiday season on 2009, I did a lot of traveling. I went coast to coast with my friends and did a lot more traveling on wheels with my family. With all those trips, I developed my road safety awareness in an instant, because me being the driver for all those trips should be knowledgeable about the road and everything about it. Driving long distances can be tough, the roads are long, the nights can be frightful and not all areas where there are roads have an emergency pit stop.  What if my tire wore down, or the engine overheated in the middle of nowhere? What if my tools are not enough to fix my car? and the most fearsome problem is, what if I don’t know how to deal with it? Another question is, what if I’m driving a RV or a motorhome, can someone help me fix something this huge?

Good thing there are companies who offer their services to help aid those who are in need of assistance, just like Good Sam RV who offers motorhome towing for those who are traveling with RVs. That’s right! we can worry no more because this company is fast and excellent in their line of work. It is also true that they fix those RVs, motorhome which are in need, and it is also try that they can fix your cars as well. So there should be no need to worry about traveling now, because wherever we are there will be some folks that will give us road side assistance. With them around, going places can be quite assuring!

Pre-Christmas Grocery Shopping


It has been a very tiring day for me and my mom because we went shopping for groceries days before Christmas. The Grocery store was packed with shoppers and the lines are excruciatingly long, its was hard to move around but the good part is we found everything we need on a one-stop shopping basis that means less hassle for us. Another thing that I admire is that the development of POS systems years and years ago, what if it was not invented? What if those barcode scanners are not used? How long would it take to cash out of the grocery and how long would it take for a transaction to be managed? Calculator, pen and paper would do just fine but it is not enough to efficiently be used for a transaction especially in a busy crowd where everyone is waiting to cash out.

Anyway, we had fun shopping for groceries because everything went out smoothly as planned and budgeted. The prices? good. there are little changes to prices of groceries and it can not be felt in an instant. Now that we are happy for what we have stocked for Christmas, the next thing we will do is to celebrate with my family and make it even more fun for all. Have a Happy Holidays!!

The Empire

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