Office Add-On


During my stay in MindShare, I’ve seen lot of things. Like for example, the day that we were hired for training, the office was undergoing renovation. There were boxes everywhere and lots of stuffs that seem to have no place inside the office. After some time when the renovation was about to finish, office furnitures by office furnitures arrived. One by one they were moved inside our trainee’s room and that was where the transformation begun. After the renovation was completed, the office became lively and of course organized. That point, I appreciated what an office furniture can do, as long as its proper, it will always look good.

Cold Thursday Morning


Lamig!!! It’s cold today isn’t it? PArticulary here in Philamlife building or any other centralized airconditioned buildings anywhere. It’s raining all day especially yesterday wednesday and it feels unlikely summer. Imagine a cold season in the middle of the summer season, it is a WOW! Anyways, I think I better go now, I have some “benchmarking” to do here in Mindshare’s office as a trainee. Ciao!

3rd Week done! On to the 4th Week!


Its getting closer and closer. I have accomplished 96 Hours out of 350 Hours of my On the Job Training. So far, there are no problems and I hope and I look forward a smooth completion of my training at Mindshare. I love this company and everything about it. Its amazing how they work while having fun that is why I enjoy working with themm though sometimes I get sleepy during office hours, its my fault for sleeping up late after all but so far as far as doing tasks are concerned, I have have no problems complting them. Guess what! after I have completed the Ojt, I think will be able to find the time try having a vacation at Cambria Suites Appleton Wisconsin, it may be a dream but someday I will really go here.

OJT: First day


Nervous, tensed, lazy.. Thats what I thought the week before our OJT at Mindshare but that changed to confidence and enthusiasm as soon as I woke up. In fact, It felt exciting so much that my stomach flew buttlerflies.

I woke up 6:00 AM. I stretch a little then had my breakfast, took a cup of coffee (semi-barako style) while I lit my cigar. I entered the bathroom and took a bath, I shaved, I brushed and everything that needs to be done on my only time alone while inside the bathroom. After everything was done, including fixing myself Me, my mom and my cousin head straight to Makati to go to work. as for me, OJT.

9:00 AM: I arrived at the office on time together with my college friends. We found out that we have six (6) fellow trainees here at Mindshare. We, the Bedans (San Beda College) and three other trainees from UST. We signed some forms then waited on our respective workstations for tasks and assignments. The day went by and because it was only our first day, there were only little work to do, including some introductions and orientations to the company and little getting-to-know act for the other interns.

6:00 PM: This is the best part of the day, the dimissal and the long walk to the shuttle station. I enjoy walking so I don’t have anything particular to complain about it. Its healthy right, and everybody here do it as well. I went straight to my twin nieces’ place to have dinner because my family was there  also, but at this point, I might say that this will be another entry on my blog post.

So there, its just a little introduction to my life on my current activities and training. No pictures yet, its a little awkward to take pictures during the first day so not today. I really enjoyed my day and I look forward for more lessons to be learned on the succeeding hours of my OJT.

Monday News


A while back, Me and my friends took an Ojt exam at Mindshare Phils. PhilamLife Bldg Makati. The test was not that hard but the problem will be how our averages will sum up and who from 34 OJT applicants will get into the list of 20 practicum students. I wish that on that list of 20 students, Me and my three other friends comprising of my San Beda block mates will be able to pass and start our practicum. Anyway, The only thing I don’t like about the day was when we started walking from Greenbelt 3 to Paseo and the sun is strikingly hot. I wonder if those walking people are made of paper, they will burn in no time. It made me realize that the world should be a better place if there are no pollution in any form. Its Global Warming people! wake up! that is all. bow!

The Empire

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