Philippines: Election 2013 Insights


Election in the Philippines truly is a game changer. However, it depends on who will be elected on the offices for the next six years. For my personal opinion, it has been a difficult decision making stage for most Filipinos whether to vote this or that but it all comes down to options. It is true that candidates layout platforms for them to be voted but what are their true intentions? Nobody knows until given the term.

In the Philippines it is very difficult to tell if one candidate will win over the other since most of us has different views on politics, which is not a good thing. Others vote their preference because they think will be favored in the future while some vote in pure good faith. Few only vote the right person but nobody really understand what should be right in these times of severe aspirations. Now comes the options, we have so many political leaders or qualified to be political leaders but only few can make it in the office. Perhaps, few can only aspire to be seated in the office due to certain matters like lack of budget to run for a candidacy, connections and the likes. With these, options for political leaders became scarce for the people to vote. Shortlisted candidates are those with money and power inherent to their status in life and that my friend, are things that won’t be eliminated soon enough.

Option, is something we lack. We lack more options to choose for our leaders because it has been dictated by someone already in power or someone powerful enough to deliver influence. Although not all candidates are of one thinking, people are forced to believe that these individuals are right to lead but the idea is not there. So why people vote? It is because they believe it will bring them change. What change are we really after? is it for the nation or for oneself alone? Indeed, people have different views on politics and that is evident for everyone. I can say that voters are confused on what change they want to achieve in casting their vote whether personal or for the welfare of society. Given the election partial results I can’t say that I am convinced or not because that will remain to be seen in the future and given the time, some leaders may be able to redeem what they are truly capable of, but then again time is always wasted in the process.

These are just my insights, a citizen observing the behavior of society including my own behavior in making choices. Perhaps I am just intrigued with how options affect choices and how people view politics. Because if these will be consolidated with confusion, nothing will come out effectively but the leaders should be able to do something on a national level while people should be able to distinguish this on their own personal levels.

GOOD LUCK PHILIPPINES AND TO THE NEXT LEADERS OF SOCIETY. We don’t need public figures, yes, we need leaders for our views to be of one, consolidated and organized direction.

Magic of Science


Its amazing how science made the world a better place to live in. As for the people who live inside the world of science, there are countless aspects of their life was changed by science. In medicine itself was a major breakthrough, Especially in making oneself look good. Just like what Apidexin does, It made the people who took it look good by eliminating excess fats from their bodies therefore making them look good in slimming down. I like the thing about science, everyt single aspect of it.

Association for the Advancement of Fat People


We cannot deny it, there are many fat people all over the world, and most of them are not happy with it. They claim that they cannot do things normally and they are having a hard time moving freely. The same reason that diet pills are invented, to help fat people to lose weight. Today, these pills are everywhere, It can be consumed by almost anyone whether they are fat or just desiring for a better figure. It is still better to be healthy than sorry.

The Empire

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