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What I have here are photos taken by Darcke and edited using Photoshop CS2 ( I think just for the watermark and some lighting effects). This was taken last 2007th of December so it should be over one year ago. I just want to post it here now so I can recall what my band has got into as of today, that is, we haven’t been an active band lately due to stuffs that includes work, studies, etc and so on.

Manila Ocean Park Friday 13th


Went to Manila Ocean Park with Jha today, and guess what, I never thought that there were fish there. hehe! kidding. You see, Manila Ocean Park just needs a little work (because the constructions are not yet complete, yet they opened it to the public “too” soon i guess) compared to other aquatic parks out there, but the collections are good, it can educate people especially school children for example, on a field trip. haha! I just remembered the little girl we saw there excitedly running around dragging her grandmother to chase the aquarium fishes on display. It must have been really fun for a child to see all the colorful fish they have never seen before.

By the way, the water beside the park is mushy, better do something about it (for the local government, Im talking about Manila Bay). But overall, the Park is great, but still under construction, there many things and more facilities to be added. I can’t wait for the Manila Ocean Park to be finished with the construction and it’s improvements so it can already be classified as one of the many tourists spots here in Manila, Philippines.

Anyway, yep, we had fun. And oh, I heard Pixar is going to make another Finding Nemo Movie Part TWO so here are some of the fish that might be selected to be the main character of that new movie. Behold the Finest Nemo Selection~!!

Nemo Selection #02

Nemo Selection#04

Nemo Selection #03

Nemo Selection #01

So What do you think? would you like to see the new Finding Nemo Part 2 movie. Which one is your Nemo?

So anyway, enough with that crappy idea. Here are some of our decent pictures in our Manila Ocean Park experience.

Hiding fish on coral

A fish hiding (too bad he’s obvious)

Bamboo Shark egg

This is a Bamboo Shark’s egg, it is supposed to hatch in 3-4 months or less.

Here we are, wishing we could swim.


Hungry Justice

Happy Justice & JV

Happy eh?

And for more photos of Manila Ocean Park Fish exhibits, visit me at

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