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Lets Plant Trees: Save the World


This campaign to save the earth is almost everywhere. In fact we learned it from our childhood years. I know that all of us want to do something about global warming but how can we start? I guess its up to anyone of us. There are no particular steps to be followed in saving the earth but we need the discipline and action to do so. I made a very very VERY simple drawing on what I just though a while ago, scanned it and colored it through Photoshop (anyone can paint like this through Windows Paint Ha-ha!). (though I did not actually took the time to make it better because I think the simpler the better the more people will look into this especially the children who now knows how to search the search engines. he-he)  I hope that You’ll like this one. I can’t say that its good but its worth a try. Just to give us an idea on how to save the world. I might as well say that we can plant trees. Boring? Not really! Lets Plant Trees and Save the World. By the way, we should also take care of those trees once we’ve planted one. :))


I hope that you’ll like the drawing, even though the techniques I used was extinguishable. Smile and Cheers!

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