Another Weight Loss Problem?


I began gaining more weight for the past six months and I can’t seem to control gaining more. I don’t eat to much, I have plenty of exercises but maybe its just the age and my lifestyle that is affecting these changes. I found something interesting last time that I checked the internet, its about phentermine, a weight loss product that helps, of course, gives great results in losing weight. I have read some of their reviews and I found out that exercise alone can’t give us great results but with the help of this weight loss pill, your expectations upon losing weight will be more than just a hearsay.

Acne Problem


And so I thought I’m done with the stage where my face is prone to pimples and or acne. Now it keeps on hunting me on my early adult years. When still a teen, Never did I had any problem on it, but now it became something I would dig my pocket deeper for. I’ve taken many medications. or perhaps I thought. I will definitely see a professional when the time opens clearly so that tending on my pimples would not be much like an experiment on myself. Damn, i think this is because of the atmopshere in Manila.

The Empire

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