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I’ve been learning making tracks from my computer using only my recording module and a guitar, and I can say that it is quite challenging but fun at the same time. In the past, I needed my band just to practice what I have written but since I was able to acquire recording software, things got easier. However, I am now feeling the need to upgrade from this stuff to that. While I was searching the net, I saw a good music production software at music123 and not only that, they have tons of affordable stuffs that might come in handy for me. I’m also thinking of sharing that info to my DJ friend as they also have good DJ stuffs and enhancements that can be of interest. I guess I’ll be reading reviews for now to see what is the best one for my limited budget.

Audio Mix


Last year I bought device that can create or record my musical ideas complete with instruments for a band – only that, this is more on software-based device that can enhance the sound of a guitar tone. It took me just little time o figure out what to do and afterwards, the recording was just too good to be true and I managed to create some good tunes. However, although I was able to record my guitar tunes and layered with a drum and bass tracks, I felt that some tunes are overlapping. My volume looks good, and it sounds decent on my headphone but when rendered and played on a sterop, the bass eats the rhythm tracks and so on.

After some tweaking and a little bit of research the problem was solved. For the most part, the reason behind a unbalanced audio mix is the sample output being heard by the user. This means that in order to produce some decent, balanced sound levels, one has to have a good set of Monitor Speakers or much better if a Professional-grade studio head phone like AKG K271 MKII which can be found on AKG Musicians Friend for the specifications. Because sound levels differ from speakers or headphones, the key here is to get one balance sound on low-mid-high frequencies so make things easier and accurate. One everything g is in order, home recording will be a walk in the park – of course, you still have to know how to play an instrument at least.

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