Traveling on Wheels


Last Christmas and during the Holiday season on 2009, I did a lot of traveling. I went coast to coast with my friends and did a lot more traveling on wheels with my family. With all those trips, I developed my road safety awareness in an instant, because me being the driver for all those trips should be knowledgeable about the road and everything about it. Driving long distances can be tough, the roads are long, the nights can be frightful and not all areas where there are roads have an emergency pit stop.  What if my tire wore down, or the engine overheated in the middle of nowhere? What if my tools are not enough to fix my car? and the most fearsome problem is, what if I don’t know how to deal with it? Another question is, what if I’m driving a RV or a motorhome, can someone help me fix something this huge?

Good thing there are companies who offer their services to help aid those who are in need of assistance, just like Good Sam RV who offers motorhome towing for those who are traveling with RVs. That’s right! we can worry no more because this company is fast and excellent in their line of work. It is also true that they fix those RVs, motorhome which are in need, and it is also try that they can fix your cars as well. So there should be no need to worry about traveling now, because wherever we are there will be some folks that will give us road side assistance. With them around, going places can be quite assuring!

Welcome Home Yamaha RGX821D!


After one long week of waiting, I just got my guitar back tonight! I brought my guitar to a very good guitar repair doctor named Sir. Randy and he really do some magic. I, having limited knowledge about guitar wiring managed to learn a lot from him and I am just glad that he did some tweaking and upgrades to my Yamaha RGX 821D. I will upload the pictures as soon as I take some from my guitar and will upload soon so even you guys can see the reason why I am glad that my guitar came home with me tonight. Anyway, my guitar sounded more brighter than the sound it has before.

Dio limited Edition Fired Up Atlast


It has been less than half a year since my scooter, a Honda Dio Limited Benetton Edition started and been used. Because of my disappointing experience with the police who sued me for not wearing a helmet, I lost the will to ever drive my scooter again. I left it on our garage without even touching it (but I used to sit there while smoking my cigar). Then there came a time when Im so eager to use it but the engine just won’t start, I kept on guessing what the problem is. Maybe the oil tank dried up, the battery dried as well or some unexplainable factor that I do not know.

Last night while I was out drinking with some friends, brothers in community, Carlo suggested that we will fix my Dio the next day. Then there came this day while the sun reached at its highest I have decided to read New Moon then an hour later Carlo rang our doorbell and asked me if he can check my dio. I gathered the required tools for the operation of my Dio then we started tearing it apart. Luckily he managed to point where the problem is. The spark plug was busted, the gasoline expired, the battery ran low. ( I am right all along with the last two problems). He bought the Plug with my money, cleaned my gas tank and refuel it with his reserve, install it again on the Dio then kick started it. Finally! it fired up after a very very long time.

We’ve ran a series of road test and came up with another problem, the brakes, the fanbelt, the headlight are not in a so good condition as if my Dio had been in a very bad accident. After everything is put back to normal, pertaining to the parts and the body kit he asked me to bring it to a nearby shop as soon as I can so that it will be followed up with a professional aid. I paid him the gas that he transferred to my tank then a little extra for his work. I am glad that my scooter is not just a junk after all, a little tweaking shouyld make it in better shape and once everything else is done I will sell it and maybe buy a new one. It is all thanks to my friends who patiently repaired my time devastated Dio. Thanks bro!

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Can You Fix my PS2?


My sister asked me a while ago that she want my ps2 fixed soon. She is a bummer on weekends and needs something to keep her busy with the exemption of school books. As for me, I also wanted it fixed a long time ago, I want to play again Metal Gear Solid and finish it with a tactical gear outfit. Oh well, maybe soon I’ll deal with that.

Gone for Repair


Last week, our TV got broken and my cousin brought it to a repair shop. The television’s defect are, the remote control, the video mode and the small pop up tv or popularly known as P.I.P screen. The repair costs us 350 pesos plus 150 pesos for the new remote controller. The TV is now working and fully functional, it works just like brand new. Now I am thinking of sending my amplifier for repair so that I can play my electric guitar again without hassle.

The Empire

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