I am a reserve


I dont even have to go to work early because my log in form is reserved to be filled up by my workmates, just like having a vacation in Westgate eh? But sorry to say that what ive said earlier about not going to work early is a lie. I always arrive at work five to fifteen early so, that means that I am a good and responsible trainee. Well, hong can this last?

Reservations Here


Our world’s population is huge, and by that we are short on places to go especially when we want it alone with someone. Why not make a reservation like from Westgate and be satisfied with what they have to offer. So everything seems hopeless, but not with them. Im sure that what you want will be given by them. Just in time for a perfect Valentine’s day maybe. There will be no more need to feel a little scared when going places as long you know where to go and what awaits you there. Make a reservation now!

The Empire

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