After rain


This past few days the rain poured down endlessly therefore my body did not function well. Meaning, i can’t wake early and i got late reporting for work. Crap on these hard times! But anyway, here are some tips ko make you feel alive during rainy days.

1. Sleep early and wake up accordingly
2. Make sure to give it a stretch on mornings
3. Drink your favorite beverage, it is necessary to drink it hot
4. Eat plenty and hearty
5. Have a nice warm shower; cold can water might be fun as well
6. Stretch from time to time – this is important for lazy people
7. Motivate yourself to be active
8. And lastly, if all else fails, just give it a sleep and try again tomorrow. Maybe the sun will come out and you won’t have to go through this ordeal again not on a later basis.

And i guess that’s it. I’ll skip to the 8th and just follow what my heart is telling me. Oh, forgot to mention the 9th. – if your heart tells otherwise, better to follow what your body tells you to.

Good morning!

Really, It’s Natural


Discussing the kind of topic that most people can relate into is nice. But, discussing matters that most people can’t is very disturbing, actually. But, in this write-up, I’m sure a lot can understand. It’s all about natural sleeping aid. Surely, some use sleeping pills because it’s hard for them to sleep since there are a lot of reasons they actually have. It’s understandable enough to take it all in. But, this aid might help and of course, it’s very safe.

A Pill


I’m feeling very drowsy due to my cold because my sister made me catch her cold. I don’t need anything to make me sleep because just when I lie on my bed, I will fall into sleep immediately and wake up late. Getting adipex p or anything isn’t an issue. My head is aching and I just want to lie in my bed and drift off to sleep and will surely wake up very late.

The Empire

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