Summer plan


It’s summer time and everyone is looking forward to such vacations even for such a few days. As for me, such vacation is hardly feasible due to my line of work, but of course it does not mean its possible.
Well my plan for this summer is to atleast go to beach and I don’t know, maybe swim? But the best part is to drink the night with friends around a calm fire In the sand. But still I’d love to travel far away from the busy life in the city.

Fitness Plan


Everyday I tell myself that I need to go to the gym, I always fail to convince myself. It’s not that I don’t want to but the biggest challenge for me is deciding on going to one. I love working out, I love sweating myself out and it feels fulfilling but the sad thing is I don’t have the time and that is the problem. In order for me to enjoy working out, I think I need to invest on quality fitness equipment so that going distance will no longer be a problem. I wonder when that time will come?

Stormy Stormy Afternoon


It has been a good week for most of us because of the rain. To some this is troublesome, but for me, its a good time to spend my day wearing my jacket and my cap. It it is cold outside, expect to be chilled inside our office so, I never forget to bring my jacket. Anyway, It has been reported that a storm is coming, I wonder how those on summer vacation will deal with it, happy or not that happy? Ooh.. I think its a great time to go on a microdermabrasion treatment is it not?

In the name of summer


Its october and november is coming so fast! what do should we do then? lets fantasize about summer so eveyone will be happy. haha! Well, even if the Christmas season coming, the heat of the sun is not that exciting. Unlike the past few years of this season, the weather seems hotter this days and many people are fund of wearing swimsuit like attire revealing some secrets on their bodies. O yeah they look good and even if its the Ber season, its like summer on my mind. I just wish that the climate here will be cold like the past years of the season. Its hot and nothing is irritating when commuting than a hot, not a warm breeze. Haay..

The Empire

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