Time should be Gold


I value time but I am not that sure if I am giving at the same value than others. When I was a kid, people around me always say “time is gold so be wise with it” and so on the later part of my life I realized that it is indeed true. I failed quite a lot of times but not because I intended to but because I exerted more effort on the mostly-fun things and not the investment part of life. When I was in high school  I remember myself skipping some varsity training , in college I tend to drink a lot with friends rather than concentrating on passing on a term paper and so and so forth. The outcome of those is that I failed to comply with those events on time, therefore failing to finish things on time.

That was before and I learned to value time more and more each day as I grow older. In fact I just bought a simply luxurious Caravelle by Bulova to remind myself that the hand of time is ticking and I need to keep moving forward. Although it is never that easy because of many obstructions in life, but the discipline should already be there so I’ll know when and why to act on it.

I am a reserve


I dont even have to go to work early because my log in form is reserved to be filled up by my workmates, just like having a vacation in Westgate eh? But sorry to say that what ive said earlier about not going to work early is a lie. I always arrive at work five to fifteen early so, that means that I am a good and responsible trainee. Well, hong can this last?

Time is important


For me one of the most important factors of our life is time. Why? because time dictates our future actions just by applying what have we done from the past or the present. But the essence of this post is to tell you guys that time for me is really important because the next time I go to class late I am sure to have something in store for me. I am a candidate for a drop lister due to absences and tardiness so I need to follow the time from now on until the end of the semester. Ha-ha! Speaking of time, I might also need new Luminox watches so I can track my time little by little with style.

The Empire

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