After rain


This past few days the rain poured down endlessly therefore my body did not function well. Meaning, i can’t wake early and i got late reporting for work. Crap on these hard times! But anyway, here are some tips ko make you feel alive during rainy days.

1. Sleep early and wake up accordingly
2. Make sure to give it a stretch on mornings
3. Drink your favorite beverage, it is necessary to drink it hot
4. Eat plenty and hearty
5. Have a nice warm shower; cold can water might be fun as well
6. Stretch from time to time – this is important for lazy people
7. Motivate yourself to be active
8. And lastly, if all else fails, just give it a sleep and try again tomorrow. Maybe the sun will come out and you won’t have to go through this ordeal again not on a later basis.

And i guess that’s it. I’ll skip to the 8th and just follow what my heart is telling me. Oh, forgot to mention the 9th. – if your heart tells otherwise, better to follow what your body tells you to.

Good morning!

Thinking Ahead


Before anything else, I would like to greet you all for tomorrow, a happy new year. Well, as much as these two weeks have been, I would say that I didn’t get that much of rest. Apart from having our party at the beach for three days with my friends. All in all, from having the preparations for Christmas and now, for the welcoming the new year, time goes by so fast. Next week, those coming months are going to be quite busy, what with all the graduation preparation, professors making us do a custom writing.

Of course, we’ll all be back to the life we’ve taken off to. But, ask your professors about college term paper writing tips. These will really help you a lot to finish. Don’t take it for granted. That’s what I’m doing since, as I always say, I’m graduating as a marketing student and needs preparations.

Every student also needs time off, and now we got it and definitely needs to be back on course. So, don’t hesitate asking for professional custom writings service if you really need to finish it especially if the deadline’s getting nearer. Just don’t get everything mixed up. Get it all organized to be well presented.

Why Do Stores Need Light


Everyday, we encounter different varieties of stores wherever we walk or pass by somewhere. Have you asked yourself if those stores portray a lively environment, or is it safe? or maybe can it make itself stand by what its contents are? Now, notice the lighting and think if they used the proper lighting for their stores. For me lightnings are important because:

1) It gives the customers the safest feeling because they know that they can see every spot of a store and they can browse anything they want on display.

2) It can dictate the mood of the customers. Just don’t use tricky shades of light or something that will not lit up the entire store.

3) It can attract different kinds of customers. It may even go behind your target audience.

4) Progress lighting can change the way the customers feel about your store and your products, which helps the in its proper marketing.

5) It is important to keep the lights on even if it is daytime. The lighting can sometimes be the soul of your business. So keep it open and forget about the electricity expense. *

There are countless reasons why you need to keep the lights on. But as for now, stick to the basic ones. Just remember that people can sometimes be like the unfortunate moth, it was attracted by the candle light and as the moth approaches, it got burned down. So give it to the customer, trap them in the nicest ways.

Debt Elimination Guide to Prosperity


One of the most common ways of living nowadays is to buy through credit. Yeah sure it brings joy to our needs and wants at the same time it is fulfilling it little by little or through a big boost on our morale. But one thing we all want to do is to really have a plan like debt elimination. This does not mean that what we should do is to avoid buying on credit or borrowing from the same. This means that we should always have a good sense of management of course, in order to manage debts. Tip: before making any purchase, always ask yourself whether you need that particular item then ask your pocket if you have the right amount of money to live another way through your own savings. Another thing, make sure that what you spend for that particular item will come from your savings or if you want to use credit, make sure that you can pay at the right time. In any case, just follow the simple saying that goes, buy only what your pocket can afford.

Some common mistakes is like for example we bought an item through credit and a minute later we bought an item again knowing that we don’t have enough money to pay back the required balance for the term. With proper management, we would know exactly what we should buy and what we should not buy and in return we will be most disciplined with our consumption behavior. Anyway, for more fresh and useful information, feel free to visit Adios!

Eat and Stay Slim for Women


1. Slow and steady – Fullness signals to the brain are delayed by about 20 minutes. Savoring each bite allows the brain to register the body’s satiation before becoming stuffed with food.

2. Ritual preparation and eating – “Make and bring, not buy”. Avoid processed goods and fastfood chains! Set a time and place to eat your meals while not doing anything else.

3. Water – Forget about sugar-filled, carbonated sodas. We all need to drink lots of water! Or try herbal tea and soup.

4. Portion Control – Eat anything, but in moderation.

5. Substitution and pacifiers – With the intent to eat quality meals no more than three times a day, snacks are to be avoided. But to pacify cravings, have healthy snacks on hand, such as nonfat yogurt, fresh fruit, or crackers.

6. Move – Walk a lot and enjoy lifestyle activities over a workout at the gym. (Sex is considered a “fun exercise” for them)

7. Weekend rewards – Enjoy the occasional treat. But make up for it through a lighter meal, or an extra long walk afterward.

8. Zipper syndrome – Stop stepping on your weight scale. If you no longer can zip your pants, that is the only needed indicator if your getting out of shape.

The Empire

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