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Mall parking experience


Just a while ago, I went to SM Molino to wander off and most importantly to shop for useful stuffs and revive my unused year old printer. So there I drove for about ten short minutes from our home and went straight to the hypermart. While on my way to the parking lot, I noticed the guards who were on duty inspecting the vehicle in front of me. This by the way is a so-called security check using some sort of inspection tools. So there, what they did was requested the driver in front of me to stop the vehicle and open his rear trunk. They circled around with that mirror –  inspection tool to check the.. umm… chassis perhaps, a bomb might be carelessly inserted there? Also, they just took a glimpse on the trunk and not properly conducted a thorough security check. What if that man hid a bomb or drug under his seat? These security measures are surely not enough – come on!

Then came my turn, I stopped beside these guards and waited for them to circle around the suv and check my vehicle but voila, they just waived and let me through in seconds. Realization? the car in front of me, the vehicle I am driving and the other vehicles that come and go to SM Molino were and are not being properly checked unless they have some sort of magnetic inspection tools or xray devices and not just a mirror sticking out of a stick. By the way, if used properly these mirrors will serve the user well but based on my observation everytime I park at these malls, they inspect in that manner with such consistency that as I may now think that they are trained to simply know what the driver is thinking, where the explosives are hidden and so on. Super human skills I guess!

I would rather request them to upgrade their inspection tools to something, magnetic, equipped with sensor, lights and something more telescopic that will serve a trained eye perfectly well but then again, I guess that they prefer to use their super human skills aided by their magic wands ( LOL )to squeeze the truth behind closed windows at all.




By the way, the first photo above is a lighted inspection mirror and the one below that is a telescopic handle inspection mirror. I just wish that they are using these and not those unconvincing tools they currently have. I forgot to take a photo of the actual inspection though.

Traveling on Wheels


Last Christmas and during the Holiday season on 2009, I did a lot of traveling. I went coast to coast with my friends and did a lot more traveling on wheels with my family. With all those trips, I developed my road safety awareness in an instant, because me being the driver for all those trips should be knowledgeable about the road and everything about it. Driving long distances can be tough, the roads are long, the nights can be frightful and not all areas where there are roads have an emergency pit stop.  What if my tire wore down, or the engine overheated in the middle of nowhere? What if my tools are not enough to fix my car? and the most fearsome problem is, what if I don’t know how to deal with it? Another question is, what if I’m driving a RV or a motorhome, can someone help me fix something this huge?

Good thing there are companies who offer their services to help aid those who are in need of assistance, just like Good Sam RV who offers motorhome towing for those who are traveling with RVs. That’s right! we can worry no more because this company is fast and excellent in their line of work. It is also true that they fix those RVs, motorhome which are in need, and it is also try that they can fix your cars as well. So there should be no need to worry about traveling now, because wherever we are there will be some folks that will give us road side assistance. With them around, going places can be quite assuring!

My Travel Bag


I been to may places, that is when I am watching from a television. I know it may sound odd but I would like to travel someday. That got me thinking that when I do that, will I get a travel insurance too? I think it will be fun to travel to many places and I hope that it would be free or find a career that the company will send me on a field trip more than letting me stay inside some office. Through travelling I believe that opportunities come faster and will hit me right in my face. I am addicted to travelling even if I have not yet started jumping places. But really, I traveled many local places to date and I found it amusing. I just wished that it was free of course or cheaper on my own country.

Travel Guide


In choosing a place to travel, what people consider is the access to many places such as the beach, food district, hospitality, freedom to roam, good environment and a peaceful community. Through the use of computer, a traveler may know in advance what spots are likely to be most traveled just like in Costa Rica Forum where people share their thoughts, likes and dislikes or just about anything that is sensible enough for other readers.

Though many people prefer directories from travel agencies, it is much cheaper to use the referrence directory like the directory of Costa Rica from the world wide web in which you will have the freedom to choose the best place for you to travel.

It is also important to see headlines after headlines from the place where you want to travel and be able to be updated with news regarding current events. Costa Rica Blogs offer a wider referrence, from a personal blog of people there and up to the general topics that will surely boost anyone’s enthusiasm.

The Empire

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