Rise of my Guitar


The start of 2009 for me is great. I managed to save much money than I have thought and what I like about it is that the motivation to play “again” the guitar has been so active for me lately. Maybe because I wasted almost my entire 2008 not playing my guitar and the times where I would only touch those strings are when there are gigs my band need to attend to. It made me dull and my hands and fingers almost became useless for a guitarist. Now that I have found a reason to play again, I don’t mind playing any time of the day as long as my guitars are here along with me. Is it healthy to do that? Maybe I should ask for a life insurance quote just to be safe.

Tryals Live Photos by Darcke


What I have here are photos taken by Darcke and edited using Photoshop CS2 ( I think just for the watermark and some lighting effects). This was taken last 2007th of December so it should be over one year ago. I just want to post it here now so I can recall what my band has got into as of today, that is, we haven’t been an active band lately due to stuffs that includes work, studies, etc and so on.

Tryals Gig Canceled


My band Tryals, was supposed to have a perform for a gig last Friday night of January 3 2009. By just one disappointing reason, the gig was canceled as decided by all of us… and the stiry continues.

We are all excited for that day, after a long break on performing our music we thought that it was time to get our self together and perform as a band once again. The preparations are all laid perfectly, we have practiced for days knowing the fact that our beats are out of tune after a long absence on the music scene, then came the final day of our rehearsals and everything was complete. We even drank together (Jeric and Xy, his soul mate) just to cope up with our lost time together and the night before the gig we even drank until sunrise (maybe not, but close!!) just exchanging ideas, plans and topics of whatever origins.

It was Friday afternoon that I woke up a little late before we went ahead to Marty’s place (our drummer and will be the most disappointing factor later). I ate, I took a bath and after that waited for our bassist,  Jeric and his girlfriend Xy to drop by my house so we can go together and see Toto, our vocalist then straight to Marty’s place and wait again for VJ whom plays as our rhythm guitar but i prefer to call it second guitar to accompany me as the first guitar. Then the moment to be disappointed came by when Marty texted us that He was not allowed by her mother to perform for the night (Its because I think he is still 18 that he still so much dependent from her mother). The thing is we went to his place all the way from Cavite to Manila just to know that the gig we are about to be performed will be canceled due to his actions days before the gig. We cannot do anything that time but to accept the fact that we will not be performing for that night.

From Left : me (jv lead), ivan (friend of ours), vj (rhythm guitarist), jeric (bass)With our disappointment, Toto still went to Pasig to watch the gig and apologized for our sudden backing out. We have some guests with us and that added the disappointment level because we have invited some guys whom are excited to see us play again and yet they came with nothing. After a little drink from the nearby bar we dropped by my place  and have a little drink that turned out a little grand (with lots of bbq stuffs and alcohol). Finally, we have found a way to release our emotions and control our temper. I can’t say that it was no one’s fault, all I know that one of us is having difficulties in realizing how much effort we all put in this band that plays even not for money, but for fun and solidification.

Drinking Marathon Unlimited


Every Sundays, me and my friends gather at my place to drink and jam a little. drinking for the mood of our band practice helps set our minds to relax and complete the covers and compositions. I think we might as well join the wine of the month club and celebrate every month. Honestly, even though I have classes on the following day, I always spare my time with my friends because for now, that is the only time where all of us can relax to start our very busy days ahead of us. It helps, really, and everytime we do it, It seems like we are maturing on our music, again! I hope that this will continue because my new band needs to have a lot of catching up since our last gig three months ago. cheers!

Round the Clock


My Saturday yesterday became my busiest. My partnership and corporation accounting class in the morning starts at 11:00 a.m. and should be over by 2:00 p.m. but the professor  was so much in the mood that the class ended at 3:00 p.m. The class went ok and learned a lot from the first one and a half hour, then got bored on the remaining time. I just drew some pictures of my blockmates and wander my mind about Cheap Rugs until the class was dismissed. After the dismissal, I went straight back home due to an appointment with a friend who was selling her motorolla v3x.

On my way home to Cavite, I rode a coaster shuttle straight into our subdivision. I slept for more than an hour on my way home and I think I’ve dreamed of buying Area Rugs for my home. I got home at around 5:00 to 5:30 p.m. and head straight to my friend, Villy’s house so we could go to Alabang Town Center together and check the phone that my other friend, Khim was selling to us. We left at 6:00 p.m and arrive in ATC by 7:00 p.m. We waited for Khim for a while and before boredom strikes, she arrived and we are able to run major troubleshooting on her Motorolla V3x so we would know if it is still in a good shape. Minutes later Villy and I decided to purchase the phone for 4,000 php. her prefered price was 4,500 php but we managed to lower the price through some series of sales talks. Congratulations to Villy, he had just replaced his lost phone with a brand new, second hand motorolla V3X. cheers!

After the transaction, we went our separate ways because I have one last stop before Saturday ends. I head straight to Blue Wave in Macapagal to celebrate with my bandmate’s birthday whos name is Marty. By the way, Villy is another band mate of mine but were unable to come with me because of the reason that his daughter is sick that time. I arrived in blue wave at around 10:00 p.m. I found some nicely done Rugs where I can dry my shoes because the rain caught me and my shoes. The party went well, and everything is a treat of his mom. Marty have a big family, good thing they are all hospitable to anyone who went with them. Toto our vocalist was there too, so we are able to talk about our next project. There were lot of booze and foods offered to us and gladly accpted all of them from Marty’s family. One thing I like about that night is the showbands who were making the night much livelier. But the fun have to end somehow and by 2:30 a.m everyone packed up and went home.

The Empire

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