Restoration Plan


From time to time, I make plans on what to do and how to do it. This time, I want to restore my motorbike to its original condition and bring it back to running condition. I guess, this will be low cost alternative than to drive a gas-drunk a 2.0 SUV. As far as I know, that scooter has been stuck up for about 3 years and last time that I have I driven it, I got into an accident injuring my limbs and of course wounds on my forehead because I did not wear safety gears. Well, I swear that after I restored that bike I am going to gear up with Olympia AST 2 Jacket that will fit my riding style and of course safety.

I like this one and I am getting excited with the restoration and the gearing up as well. Riding a bike is not like driving a car because what you look like depends on what you are wearing right?

The Empire

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