The heat is too good to be true


After quite a few weeks of continuous rain, at long last the sun is back in action. Who would have thought that I’ll be personally longing to see the sun anyway? As far as majority is concerned, the heat of the sun is something not easily enjoyed. But, it is because of the peril due to the last Typhoon Saola (locally known as Typhoon Gener) and the Southwest Monsoon that came after thus, crippling our country with massive flood and other acts of nature, the sun was surely missed. I can say this time that our country is indeed tough but of course, all aspects should be improved in terms of risk reduction. That being said, the sun was not able to fully display its precious rays but later this afternoon, it striked with a decent amount of heat that I really appreciate while I’m walking just outside the Metro. Ah, the weather was fine, not too hot – not too cold and of course, not that wet.

Not only humans have something to say about the heat, in fact, even our pets and all living things have their own ways of expressing how they feel about the weather. However, we may not know what exactly that is, all we can do is to feel their emotions (for good animal lovers, perhaps) and provide them with protection from the environment just as we want ourselves protected. When in cold weather, I prefer to cover myself with blankets for comfort. When I still have dogs, I put them in a comforter as well and what more can it be more awesome for the horses to be clothed with horse blanket? I envy them because I use may worn out blanket while I see pets wear prestigious blankets disguised as clothing. Well anyway, I am just to mindful of the weather today and I must have missed this natural weather all along after I realized that too much rain is not good after all.



After rain


This past few days the rain poured down endlessly therefore my body did not function well. Meaning, i can’t wake early and i got late reporting for work. Crap on these hard times! But anyway, here are some tips ko make you feel alive during rainy days.

1. Sleep early and wake up accordingly
2. Make sure to give it a stretch on mornings
3. Drink your favorite beverage, it is necessary to drink it hot
4. Eat plenty and hearty
5. Have a nice warm shower; cold can water might be fun as well
6. Stretch from time to time – this is important for lazy people
7. Motivate yourself to be active
8. And lastly, if all else fails, just give it a sleep and try again tomorrow. Maybe the sun will come out and you won’t have to go through this ordeal again not on a later basis.

And i guess that’s it. I’ll skip to the 8th and just follow what my heart is telling me. Oh, forgot to mention the 9th. – if your heart tells otherwise, better to follow what your body tells you to.

Good morning!

The Empire

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