Eating Too Much Lately?


If you happen to be that somebody that has been eating to much lately, don’t you think that you are being to careless? Don’t let it come to a time that you will regret eating to much and now suffering from excess weight. Anyway, I am not exempted with this one, I too have a share of problems when it comes to eating good thing my friend spoke of an appetite suppressant helped him maintain her figures, and trust me, she’s so damn hot without even trying so hard. Do you think that eating can make you fueled all day? Its true but always have it in mind that anything in excess is not god for us. Its true.

I Lost My Tummy! Help Me!


That was what my mom told me after she took some diet pills days ago. I panicked for a while untiol I relaized that my mom was bluffing. I also realized that the fact that sehe lost her tummy was because her pills are so effective that she lost some weight. Anyway, I know that she is happy with it and I hope that she’ll continue taking pills until she is comfortable with her weight. Now that Ive thought of it, should I also try one?

Need to slim down..again!


Ive been eating a lot lately, why? because my friends told me that I already lost some weight and as far as what I think is right, I need to catch up to my usual weight. But the problem is, I sometimes gain weight far beyond my usual once I start catching up. Anyway, what I need is the best appetite suppressant that will aid me in this up and down weight problem. If you want, you can try it yourself.

Health Check


Keeping up to the standards of society means that you are accepting changes that you should make for you to blend in. Just like with your own health and appearance. Many people gained weight because of their lifestyle but they should not worry because there are diet pills that work and will help make your body the best you can imagine. Knowing more about these things is necessary to know the effects and the limitations of this scientific breakthrough and that is why people interested with this kind of medication should read more from diet pill reviews to broaden their knowledge about certain product. Anyways, summer season is coming and we all want to look good as we make our way to the beach, maybe its time for the Best diet pill consultation and look your best. Life will be much easier when we are comfortable on what we look from our  inside and into the outside.


From San Beda to Ascott


I went to Ascott a while ago to meet Jha and drop her home. It was the best part of my day. But before I ended up with that best part I started my day with a series of practices with my guitar. I woke up past ten o’clock in the morning, I switch on my PC and plugged my guitar to my amplifier and started playing. By the time I finish, it was already three o’clock in the afternoon and I better get my body on the move to go to my class.

The traffic was heavy, so as the rain. Its a good thing I wore jacket and brought umbrella with me, if not, my business attire will just go to waste the time I arrive in San Beda. As I have said earlier the traffic was so slow that my normal walk can get me to school in about thirty minutes (of course its exaggerated!). I was nervous that I might miss my first class (well, not really, its not on my list of favorites) but luckily the professor is as lazy as I am and he did not showed up. The next class is Oblicon, this one is one of my favorite classes to date. Don’t blame me because it is math-free up to now. Then after the class ended at nine o’clock pm I went to Makati to go and meet up with Jha. Thanks for my friend Jr for giving me a ride and thanks for the fat lady I saw a while ago who I think needs the best weight loss pills in the world so she can slim down to her maximum potential for giving me  a huge laugh. Oh well, I think that should wrap-up my day. Its good night and good morning time to all. Ciao!

The Empire

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