Letting Go


The reality for me is that, that time was right and will soon be finding out the consequences of my decision or should I say, choice. Last month I filed a resignation from my current job and time is ticking near before the effective date. Some say I made a bad choice, some say it is just worth it, but for me it is the decision that made me know more about myself. It did not matter that time if I made the right choice or not, what matters is the way I was able to let go of the security for my own personal reasons. I love my importance and role in that company, I love most things about it but the more I learn of the disparity on job and career the more I doubted my outlook.  Letting go is a hard thing to do, it really is, but sometimes it is better to move away from something unbecoming than fall in line to  somethings you know can’t afford your own self.

After rain


This past few days the rain poured down endlessly therefore my body did not function well. Meaning, i can’t wake early and i got late reporting for work. Crap on these hard times! But anyway, here are some tips ko make you feel alive during rainy days.

1. Sleep early and wake up accordingly
2. Make sure to give it a stretch on mornings
3. Drink your favorite beverage, it is necessary to drink it hot
4. Eat plenty and hearty
5. Have a nice warm shower; cold can water might be fun as well
6. Stretch from time to time – this is important for lazy people
7. Motivate yourself to be active
8. And lastly, if all else fails, just give it a sleep and try again tomorrow. Maybe the sun will come out and you won’t have to go through this ordeal again not on a later basis.

And i guess that’s it. I’ll skip to the 8th and just follow what my heart is telling me. Oh, forgot to mention the 9th. – if your heart tells otherwise, better to follow what your body tells you to.

Good morning!

Warm afternoon


I think this is the first time I were able to rest quite a bit on a weekend. Maybe its just because i took a very serious decision last friday and happily acted on it or maybe its just a sign of relief. On the contrary, i want to do lots of stuffs moving forward and now that i’ve thought about it, maybe i’ll visit the mall and watch a movie.

Amazing Spiderman would do. People around me are screaming how good the movie is but i just can’t agree without personally seeing it. Trailers are at its best though, made me thinking that it can be worth a peso.

Counting Days


Graduation day is coming! and I am counting my days left in college (though I really wish that I would be able to see my grades sooner). What else should I do during this time of my life instead of waiting for graduation? Okay, first I need to complete all the requirements needed. Second is to take the time off and do whatever I want and that includes eating, drinking and as a precaution, engage on diets that work. I can’t think of anything to do right now, I just want to sleep maybe, or play my guitar and do some shredding or whatsoever with it. Better start planning now right?

Gearing up the Office


In just a few months I’ll be graduating from San Beda College then try to find my self a career. Of course If I would be hired and be placed inside an office, I would definitely love it if that office have complete set of office furniture.  Now that Ive thought of it, working can really be a new experience for me aside from my practicum days, I mean I’ll have my own fixed income sooner or later. I just hope that I’ll graduate this coming March of 2010.

The Empire

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