Herbs for Life


For centuries, herbs became popular as a medicine, spices, pain relievers, food and so on. In fact they are widely used by different people around the world because of its unique way in helping our bodies regenerate and making it healthy and because of its distinct qualities. Being valued for its scent, flavor and some other qualities, many found its role to our society and took the opportunity to enhance these distinctive qualities to a whole new different level. Like Herbalife, a company whose primary goal is to sell not just products but  to sell satisfaction and delight to consumers worldwide. They have innovated herbs and combined it with science to provide a better health for everyone around the globe. Not only that, for those who are using their products in their daily endeavors have the chance to share it to the world and make a profit for it, now that is some amusing business opportunity.

There is another thing that amuses most, its about their CSR or what we call corporate social responsibility. They travel the high road, yet they do it right, honestly and guided by their ethical practices, that’s great isn’t it? If they can do it, we too can contribute in helping the world and everyone who lives in it by making the world a better place to live in – and of course with herbs that is.

A Walk in the Park


Have you ever felt walking inside one of the best Poker Forums in your place? I do! In fact, Ive been inside a No Deposit Casino for quite some time. At first I was worried where to go and where to spend my time inside one. But I guess its just instinct that brought me to sit behind a group of people which looked like they are having a very intriguing commotion. Suddenly some one shouted YEAH! and the crowd burst with a clap… they must be watching something very interesting. I stood up and browse the looks in the faces of the crowd and they were all smiling and thinking hard at the same time. I looked at the table and there! I saw a game of Online Casino and that made me realized that this game can turn so intense that even the people around the players will get themselves hyped in no time. It was worth an experience I am telling you.

Fight Global Warming With an Earth Friendly Business


We live in a world that has limited supplies and is fragile to some elements that man made for development. We create things from resources that we can get our hands into and most of the time, we do not comply with the safety of our world upon a creation of new things. Today, our world is at risk of global warming, a crisis that we already know for a period of time and the world is changing little by little. The idea is to promote home based opportunity that will help the world survive and by doing so, the whole world’s population may be safe from the threat of global warming. It is the duty of human to preserve things and think of a way to solve this problem, because we created it, we should find a way to solve global warming. Going Green Home Businesses create opportunities that are earth friendly and the best part of it is you can earn money while saving our mother earth. We can be serve our fellow human kind and the world as well, we can be heroes in our own little way.

Wan to start now? Promoting green home based business opportunities, EcoQuest International is a company selling air and water purification products at affordable rates. Know more about Ecoquest here.

Lift the World Up!


So, Let us talk about how our world got better. From the time where there were no tools that can carry things from the ground to a time where no object can’t be lifted without a guaranteed precision. AmeriGlide offers this exact tool to help us in this right moment where things can not get any heavier. The world is a competition and competition means doing things the right way, uniquely and orderly. Can anyone picture the world without any staircase? How the objects below should be carried up the ground or in a high story building. Yes, stairs helped a lot but there are tools that can lift even your grand piano from the lobby of a hotel room to the penthouse up above the building with ease. Although everyone should still rely on safety of the operator, Stair Lifts come with quality and reliability that won’t scare the budget out of anyone’s pockets. Now, how can we survive without getting up? Just remember that even our things wanted to go way above their limits. Let these lifts do the honor and the owner do the coffee breaks. Life is simple when we have the right tools at the right time. And oh, this is best used on hospitals. Every patient needs the perfect care for a perfect recovery.

Figures of Speech or Idioms


Idioms or figures of speech are combination of words whose meaning cannot be determined by examination of the meanings of the words that make it up. Or, to put it another way, an idiom uses a number of words to represent a single object, person or concept. Unless you recognize when an idiom is being used you can easily misunderstand the meaning of a text.

Figures of Comparison
– The likening of one thing to another (usually translated using the English words “like” or “as”.

Metaphor – An implied comparison between two objects without the use of “like” or “as”.

Idioms of Overstatement
– An exaggeration to make or reinforce a point.

Hendiadys – The combination of two or three things to express the same meaning.

Idioms of Understatement
– Stating one thing while meaning the exact opposite. When used to taunt and ridicule irony is called sarcasm.

Litotes or Meiosis – A phrase that understates or lessens one thing in order to magnify another.

Euphemism – The substitution of a cultured or less offensive term for a harsh one.

Antithesis – A direct contrast in which two sets if figures are set in opposition to one another.

Idioms Involving Omission
– A grammatically incomplete expression that requires the reader to add concepts in order to finish the thought. Most of there omissions are already supplied by the translators of our Bibles.
Idioms of Association or Relationship
– The substitution of a noun for another closely associated noun. The substituted noun derives its meaning in the context its is used by the association produced in the readers mind.

Synecdoche – A figure of speech in which the part stands for the whole or the whole for the part.

Eponymy – is a sub-division of synecdoche in which an individual stands for the whole nation.

Merismus – is a combination of parts of the whole to express totality.

Idioms Stressing the Personal Dimension
– The representation of an object or concept as if it were a person.

Apostrophe – A development of personification in which the writer addresses the object or concept that he has personified.

The Empire

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