Stacking the racks


In search for sturdy racks, i came across raxxess at Not only that it looks sturdy enough for my use, it looks something of a big space saver for me. Having various designs to suit one’s need, it may as well end up being a good furniture piece for my music room. I ordered one for my amplifier, the one that has security cover so I would not worry about someone tinkering my equipment whenever im not around.

Sustaining Distortion


Looking for a big-bad-ass pedal that can sustain your ringy distortion? Well, better try big muff pi for this shall answer your prayers. Its something I never experience before for a pedal. I have tried lots, and believe me, this is insanely good. Its clean, clean clean sounding distortion with the extended effect to it that no other pedal can offer especially on its price range. Need crispy smooth distortion now? why not give a try?

Tons of Guitars


Been dealing lots of guitar inquiry ever since i posted my guitar for sale. Just like a Guitar-A-Thon, too many offers are being thrown to my artcore series guitar. There are trade offers and price off offer but I cannot let it go to such. The reason? because for me guitars that I kept for a long time have such values to me but of course, these values cannot be passed on to the next owner. Whichever the case, I’m keeping my guitar even though tons of offers are being put to the table for trade yet I need cash more than anything right now.

Handmade to goodness


Years ago I had this project. To make a diy electric guitar. Though years ago, parts can be a bit harder to find. There may be parts locally but the options are not quite good. So comes the age of internet and parts became easier and easier to find. Not inly that, reviews of certain products are also easier to find and no more guessing game for us. SO if you are looking for parts for your own project, might as well consider surfing through the online world for better grip on the parts before you make a purchase.

All-in Guitar


So you love to play acoustic but then you’d like to switch to a good sounding electric guitar? Then fender kingman may be just right for you.  It comes easy to switch from one music to another and of course, if will be most useful in any music you play. What’s good with it is that it is flexible in terms of its sound, you can be below yet you can be aggressive but most importantly, its fender and everybody knows that a fender never fails its user.

The Empire

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