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The whole world has been invaded by technologies and one of the biggest contributors is the cellphone. Although almost all of the country has communication networks, some places like the provinces, still has problems with getting signals. If you live a city life, then you must understand that when you go on a vacation at the country side where there is poor signal is a bit frustrating. Especially when you are used to having your gadgets around. There is a solution that has been expanding during the current times. The wilson cellular booster. It can help you gain enough signal that you need in places that can never reach the potential signal you would want to gain. With this, you can communicate anytime, anywhere.

Magnets Direct


We live with magnets and we are not  aware of that. For example our components contains magnets and it powers up the sound of our stereos and speakers. So if ever you are into a business like components and supplies, don’t forget to go look for the best magnets at an affordable rate so you can help yourself gain the satisfaction of a reseller and as a technician.

G.I. SkullCandy Winter Camo Review


Yesterday, I went to Power Mac Center in Greenbelt and lucky to find a whole cabinet display of SkullCandy Headphones. After trying the JBL and Bose Headphones display, I bought a SkullCandy G.I. Winter Camo Headphone because of its sound quality and the price. I never thought that JBL and Bose will be overrun by skull candy in terms of price and sound quality. The JBL and Bose headphones are worth six thousand to seven thousand pesos (6,000 – 7,000 PHP) while a G.I Skullcandy is worth three thousand five hundred pesos (3,500 PHP).

The Specipications are as follows: * 40mm speaker
* Frequency range: 100 – 18,000 Hz
* Impedance: 50 ohms
* Max input power: 400mW
* Cable type: OFC
* Cable length: 1.2 M
* Plug type: 3.5mm gold plated

Accessories Included are: Interchangeable ear pads, Travel bag, 6.3mm gold plated adapter sticker and a portable Can Opener located at the zipper inside the headphone strap.

After I got home, I tried this headphone and found out that was more surprised than what I have expected. The price is good for a better sound quality. I listen to genres such as metal, rock, classical, acoustic, jazz, new wave, a little bit of RnB (stray songs) and It did not let me down. The quality of the sound is balanced in a way that the bass will automatically sync in with the treble then the middle will help deepen the output. Now I can enjoy my Ipod even more, a jump step from my old Altec Lansing earplugs to a bass defining Skullcandy Winter Camo. Overall I’ll rate it 9 out of 10.

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