Your Health is your Wealth


Trying to find your lead in life? Why not start in your own health insurance lead before continuing with what you are engaged in. Because life is much safer with your health insured and because your health is your wealth, this will come useful in your everyday activities. Being healthy is not always cheap, it can cost you much money than you think but with your health insured money will become your friend and you can be free from worrying too much. Life is uncertain, but it will only be that way if you will not prepare for the worst so take action and start with your health insurance leads.

Cheap T-Shirts! Coming Soon!


I am planning on starting a business, and I think I could start with t-shirt printing since I was once a member of a T-shirt printing group organized by my friends, I will go solo this time though. Of course I would sell cheap t-shirts and some expensive ones depending on the design. Right now, I still don’t have enough time to print by myself so I might do it during our semestral break. Clients would surely want to have one of my designs..but it is still on a sketch board haha! But really, I would start soon and looking forward to having you guys as my customers.

Saving for a Laptop


I have a desktop computer but I think it is not enough, so I decided to save my money to buy a laptop. Unfortunately, the laptop I want is too expensive for my budget. Im looking for cheap laptops with high end specifications. It is important for me to have an advance laptop technology because I do multimedia arts and I also need it for my reporting and thesis studies. So there, just wish me luck. or…you can donate through my paypal account if you want.. haha! kiddin!

The Empire

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