Fit And Just That Fast


It’s in demand nowadays, the losing of weight easily process. People were so into getting their body fit in fast and healthy way. They want the best fat burner. Some people were lazy, enough to think¬† that the gym’s too far away and getting up early in the morning just to jog around the neighborhood is too much work. Well, no pain no gain. Eat less but healthy and with right amount of exercise will help you burn fats. Easy said than done.

Power of Steering with Ease!


I wish I could get myself a car and install it with a power steering rack since I like driving fast with perfect handling, it’s just too bad that the one I am recently driving is my mom’s car and of course it will take me a long time to buy one myself. I hope there will be a raffle for free cars somewhere near my place and if I am lucky enough I could have a car without spending a dime. Is there a possibility that someone will give me a car instead of saving my money for it? Oh well i will not think about it for now because I have more important things that matters most. But really, I wish that I’d win my own ride.

past is fast!


Whew! Past is fast? Why? I don’t know? Ha-ha!
And so my sleepless nights continue. sleepless because I’m on a hurry finishing twilight, new moon, eclipse and breaking dawn and I’m am glad to tell that I’m all done with those books ( I might write a good review someday about it I think, no harm be done) Too fast that I was so consumed by the story. O yeah, who said that teens only got the right to enjoy those novels? Totally disagrees eh. Anyway, I’m happy to finish it in time for my busiest weeks to come including the deadlines and the finals next month and of course birthdays of my friends and important people in which they need my presence and i need their food and alcohol. Ha-ha! Damn excited as I may be… Stressed is what I am.
Oh well, I think that can’t be helped, I’m very busy not being able to blog for a while…Again! But now I think I have most of my time with my computer doing papers so I can now really do blog time after time… Whew! That’s it…Nothing! I’m on a fast paced life now.

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