Music Finds


I constantly browse the world of internet looking for something interesting to find. Of course, from time to time I look for something useful, something that can be a great addition to my home, or something I or someone from my home use. My sister, on the other hand asked me to look for a great keyboard at guitar center, although she does not have a budget for that yet, all she need to know is the price and how it can be bought. As a brother, I helped her looked for one although reminded her that she still has to save up for her laptop to be used in college and her passion in music can be set aside for the mean time. In my opinion, being exposed daily on browsing the internet can change a person’s timely needs and because of great offers from online stores, many are in favor of changing their plans into buying something seen online because it’s much cheaper and easier to find rather than visiting local stores. But for good thing’s sake, we bookmarked the keyboard found online and maybe in a few months time she will have her laptop and keyboard. A musically inclined architecture student she is.

Perfect Buddy: PDA


You know what is the perfect buddy for you especially at this time of our life? I know one and i suggest using PDAs to help users find meaning to everything around them. Pdas are not only user friendly but It has a unmatched technical support for almost everything may it be cyber or in the real time. Right now I am planning to buy a new pda, because mine was some few years old and it was outdated so I have no choice but to upgrade right?

In Need of Surround


These past few days seemed tougher than usual. Expenses soared high for me having me little left for saving. I currently bought a headphone on credit in which I hate to do, thinking it as a bad practice and remembering what my professor told us one day a quote on self control over money. ” Only spend what your pocket can afford” or something like that. So right now, I’m doing all my best to save for the things I like though it would take time, saving.

Lately, I planned on buying a laptop, then I wanted to buy a SLR or a D-SLR camera. As the urge became stronger I planned just recently to buy some of the best home theater speakersThat is when I have reminded myself, is it worth it? A part of me answered Yes! the other NO! It is a good thing that I can still think behind my madness on the things which I wanted to buy. But as of now, I am saving my money and will not use it until I’ve made up my mind. but honestly I would love to have the speakers.

The Empire

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