Productivity Gone


Ever since our sembreak started months ago, all I did was sit in front of my desktop for a couple of hours, smoke some, drink coffee and leave the house to enjoy a drink with my friends. After that, I go home so late that I also sleep late then wake up past the afternoon. I am not being productive because the cycle is all the same. I’ve been surfing the net long enough but ever since that day came, I became lazy to browse useful stuffs which I can share using this blog or help other by my reviews and insights on certain things, I no longer do that. It’s December already and I came to realize what’s the problem, I was too busy with things that are not important and I became too occupied by those things, I know, it’s so undisciplined for a guy like me with lots of responsibilities. I lost track of my blogging, updating, and writing quality posts, I guess I’m just too tired getting up with a hangover with what happens every other night on my head.

Writing this means that I came to realize that I need to be back on track once again. I’m done with my lazy days and now I have the complete urge to gain back my productivity and by doing that, all those useful stuffs that I left a couple of months ago will surely be on my system again. I don’t want that bum life anymore so I’ll do everything to keep myself on track and be more disciplined in the way I live. Now that I have thought of that, I think I did something more productive than what I thought.. it’s to bring back my old band Burn-Off Flare back together and revive our lost songs, now that’s something else.

Anyway, I have here a link that directs to my band’s purevolume account. I hope that you guys could spare a time to listen to it and please, don’t hesitate to make a critique about our songs (though sometimes it would :D) and help us improve it.

here is the link:

Burn-Off Flare EP songs

Welcome Home Yamaha RGX821D!


After one long week of waiting, I just got my guitar back tonight! I brought my guitar to a very good guitar repair doctor named Sir. Randy and he really do some magic. I, having limited knowledge about guitar wiring managed to learn a lot from him and I am just glad that he did some tweaking and upgrades to my Yamaha RGX 821D. I will upload the pictures as soon as I take some from my guitar and will upload soon so even you guys can see the reason why I am glad that my guitar came home with me tonight. Anyway, my guitar sounded more brighter than the sound it has before.

Rise of my Guitar


The start of 2009 for me is great. I managed to save much money than I have thought and what I like about it is that the motivation to play “again” the guitar has been so active for me lately. Maybe because I wasted almost my entire 2008 not playing my guitar and the times where I would only touch those strings are when there are gigs my band need to attend to. It made me dull and my hands and fingers almost became useless for a guitarist. Now that I have found a reason to play again, I don’t mind playing any time of the day as long as my guitars are here along with me. Is it healthy to do that? Maybe I should ask for a life insurance quote just to be safe.



Beats me


Last night I went to My band mate’s place where two of them together wth some friends were drinking on a Sunday night. I went there at around 9:00 pm at been invited to have a drink. Of course, as a man who knows his limits, and a man who does know when is the right time to drink, I just told them that I shot is all I can take and then afterward, I will just stay here and chat a little without drinking.I remembered a topic whereas we had conversation about the launch of a new bingo site where we have seen in the press release of bet365 bingo where we all got excited, really really excited! We consider it an entertainment that never fails to amuse each and everyone of us. Good thing that the games there are available twenty four hours a day seven days a week! that mean non-stop fun for us.

It is not that I don’t want to drink with them, it’s just that, i’ve been sleepless lately due to our school papers which seems to be endless. By the way, maybe I should try protesting about this issue, End Global Warming, stop cutting down trees, stop paper works! what do you think? that might be great eh? Well anyway, I pln on having a drink today, a one bottle of beer before I sleep so I can have a very restful night, but maybe I will only buy a bottle if I’ll have a spare money on my pocket though.

But of course, before sleep tonight, I hope I could finish all my paper requirement for my class. I enjoy writing papers, I don’t know why when the last time I thought of it, I hate it, maybe because my mind matured as a responsible young adult rather than an aspiring teen in which he failed dreaming. To make it short, in my own assessment, I became smarter and more responsible and now had high hopes for the future. Oh, before I forget, later I should practice my guitar, I haven’t been playing for a little while. Goodluck!

The Empire

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