Business Liability Insurance


Owning a business is not an easy task, so much for dealing with external customers that come and go. Although the perks are high, but every perk can have it’s risk. In fact, this is everywhere and just waiting for the worst possible time. Speaking of worst cases, a public liability is a real pain and owning a business, this can be quite a battle. So how do you protect your investments? Get a Business Liability Insurance to cut it short. This will indemnify you on possible risks to your external customers and may also protect your neighboring establishment from some accident that who knows when. Every country has its coverage but they all follow just a few rulings to keep it universal. What is making a difference in liability insurance? The price of course when availing one so it can be quite confusing some times especially on the first time. So how to deal with this? Know your own business, your assets the nature and what your are in the market. Know your exposure and consult someone with the knowledge of insurance handling and then ask various connections on business liability insurance quotes so comparing prices and coverages will be an easy task.

The thing is, accidents may happen anytime. The worst if the public, community or customers you are dealing with stumbled into one and simply the fault of your business. Paying  few hundreds for an insurance in exchange of indemnifying your account is the real deal.

Financial Literacy


Being financially literate is important than being highly educated when we talk about money. Being financial literarate means that we should know how to make the money work for us not work for the money.

I have this favorite philosophy about getting rich from the book Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert T. Kiyosaki.

Rich people buy assets, Middle class and the poor people often buy liabilities” which means that the rich buys only income generating assets while the poor and the middle class buy liabilities mistaken for an asset.

He also said that to become rich, know the game. be financial literate. This is not thought in schools and college degrees. Schools teach us to work for money, Yet the answer is make money work for you. We should invest and understand the game. Most people buy luxuries but he believes that to become rich, people should invest in, again, the income generating assets for example: A man bought a house which most of us thought that it is an asset. But that does not stop there, a house becomes a liability because we pay for the taxes, mortgage and the credit the man used to buy it. It becomes an asset if it generates money, for example, Another man bought a house and made it as a rental apartment. The house now makes money for itself and if somehow that house pays all the expenses the man have without sacrificing his earnings, the man is on his way to getting rich as soon as he knew how to play the game.

I think I will adopt another philosophy taught by the book, and as a Marketing student, I believe that taking risk is best than playing it safe. Opportunities come and go and we cannot take the BEST opportunities if we play it safe.

I haven’t finished all the chapters of the book, Rich Dad, Poor Dad as of right now. But as soon as Ive finished the book and fully understood it’s lessons. I will be able to write a comprehensive review of Rich Dad Poor Dad. But what Ive said above is true based on the reality the book offers. If you want to understand more of it, I recommend that everyone who wants to be financially literate should buy and read and study the book Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert T. Kiyosaki.

The Empire

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