After rain


This past few days the rain poured down endlessly therefore my body did not function well. Meaning, i can’t wake early and i got late reporting for work. Crap on these hard times! But anyway, here are some tips ko make you feel alive during rainy days.

1. Sleep early and wake up accordingly
2. Make sure to give it a stretch on mornings
3. Drink your favorite beverage, it is necessary to drink it hot
4. Eat plenty and hearty
5. Have a nice warm shower; cold can water might be fun as well
6. Stretch from time to time – this is important for lazy people
7. Motivate yourself to be active
8. And lastly, if all else fails, just give it a sleep and try again tomorrow. Maybe the sun will come out and you won’t have to go through this ordeal again not on a later basis.

And i guess that’s it. I’ll skip to the 8th and just follow what my heart is telling me. Oh, forgot to mention the 9th. – if your heart tells otherwise, better to follow what your body tells you to.

Good morning!

Flooding Problem


The location of the company I am working for is considered to be highly likely to be flooded. The problem is the drainages are clogged with so much trash, although its is clean and trash-free on the surface, what lies beneath is a different story. So workers in that location often get stranded before they can work or go home which depends on when the rain will come flushing down. I think that if the local government or those in charge in the restoration of drainages in that area can’t find a solution for that then it’s up to us who pass by to do some self tweaking. 😀 It’s the season for rain so it should be normal to experience sudden changes in the weather. Today fashion can turn your bad day in to a better one, just like what rain boots can do. Simple boots seem to be old-fashioned so try alternatives with a different level of rain boots so avoid being soaked in the dirty flood water. Think of it as a healthy and fashionable way to enjoy a disaster. 😀

Stormy Stormy Afternoon


It has been a good week for most of us because of the rain. To some this is troublesome, but for me, its a good time to spend my day wearing my jacket and my cap. It it is cold outside, expect to be chilled inside our office so, I never forget to bring my jacket. Anyway, It has been reported that a storm is coming, I wonder how those on summer vacation will deal with it, happy or not that happy? Ooh.. I think its a great time to go on a microdermabrasion treatment is it not?

Rain Dance


This afternoon my mom asked me drive her to her favorite parlor somewhere in Bacoor, Cavite. It is raining hard but still I have to drive her there. Upon leaving our garage, as i looked down the street from our house, I saw a big lumber lying right on the ground and all I can do is take a detour. The wind was strong, It’s storm signal #2 so I can’t imagine what lies to the next few kilometers that I’ll be driving to. I’m the kind of guy that observes everything on the road while driving so I would notice how devastated the surroundings were.

Trees were knocked down, almost everywhere you can see flood because of nonstop raining. There are floods which you cannot cross, and if you do, you’ll risk losing your car’s breaks and may risk your car’s health, better asses things first before trying to cross. That’s what I did and so i drove myself through the flood carefully and slowly. Cavite is such a bad place when it comes to development of drainage systems, road lights and markers and the safety of the road. In fact, It is very dangerous especially if you are just a first time driver passing through cavite’s aguinaldo highway. Imagine a strong typhoon while you are driving and there are no lights or street lights, there are high flood level and so on. Do you think it would be safe? nah.

We arrive safely to our destination, But then again, going home is another story. much prolonged rain and higher water level, what good can it get? Just be careful and make the rain dance with you to safety. Kudos!

The Empire

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