Mall parking experience


Just a while ago, I went to SM Molino to wander off and most importantly to shop for useful stuffs and revive my unused year old printer. So there I drove for about ten short minutes from our home and went straight to the hypermart. While on my way to the parking lot, I noticed the guards who were on duty inspecting the vehicle in front of me. This by the way is a so-called security check using some sort of inspection tools. So there, what they did was requested the driver in front of me to stop the vehicle and open his rear trunk. They circled around with that mirror –  inspection tool to check the.. umm… chassis perhaps, a bomb might be carelessly inserted there? Also, they just took a glimpse on the trunk and not properly conducted a thorough security check. What if that man hid a bomb or drug under his seat? These security measures are surely not enough – come on!

Then came my turn, I stopped beside these guards and waited for them to circle around the suv and check my vehicle but voila, they just waived and let me through in seconds. Realization? the car in front of me, the vehicle I am driving and the other vehicles that come and go to SM Molino were and are not being properly checked unless they have some sort of magnetic inspection tools or xray devices and not just a mirror sticking out of a stick. By the way, if used properly these mirrors will serve the user well but based on my observation everytime I park at these malls, they inspect in that manner with such consistency that as I may now think that they are trained to simply know what the driver is thinking, where the explosives are hidden and so on. Super human skills I guess!

I would rather request them to upgrade their inspection tools to something, magnetic, equipped with sensor, lights and something more telescopic that will serve a trained eye perfectly well but then again, I guess that they prefer to use their super human skills aided by their magic wands ( LOL )to squeeze the truth behind closed windows at all.




By the way, the first photo above is a lighted inspection mirror and the one below that is a telescopic handle inspection mirror. I just wish that they are using these and not those unconvincing tools they currently have. I forgot to take a photo of the actual inspection though.

Lift the World Up!


So, Let us talk about how our world got better. From the time where there were no tools that can carry things from the ground to a time where no object can’t be lifted without a guaranteed precision. AmeriGlide offers this exact tool to help us in this right moment where things can not get any heavier. The world is a competition and competition means doing things the right way, uniquely and orderly. Can anyone picture the world without any staircase? How the objects below should be carried up the ground or in a high story building. Yes, stairs helped a lot but there are tools that can lift even your grand piano from the lobby of a hotel room to the penthouse up above the building with ease. Although everyone should still rely on safety of the operator, Stair Lifts come with quality and reliability that won’t scare the budget out of anyone’s pockets. Now, how can we survive without getting up? Just remember that even our things wanted to go way above their limits. Let these lifts do the honor and the owner do the coffee breaks. Life is simple when we have the right tools at the right time. And oh, this is best used on hospitals. Every patient needs the perfect care for a perfect recovery.

The Empire

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